Rules of Conduct & Discipline
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Rules of Conduct & Discipline

1.The Academic session of the School will be from April to March. The Medium of instruction and expression is English

 2. The school reserves the right to suspend or dismiss the students . Irregular attendance or habitual failure to one’s duty or unbecoming behaviour of conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school or insubordination to authority or any other serious type of misconduct is sufficient reason for the suspension or dismissal of a student.

3 .The principal may require parents to withdraw those children in case they do not fit in with the regulations of the school or are not capable of any improvement or if the parents themselves do not co-operate with the school authority.

4.  A minimum period of 10 days after the recovery of contagious diseases like chicken fox, measles, mumps etc. is a must for students to attend the class again.

5.  The students are expected to take active part in the co-curricular activities, educational tours, picnic, etc. arranged by the school. No exception will be granted to students except in case of illness or due to some other serious reason.

6.  Pupils should attend the school assembly regularly. They must reach the school at least five minutes before the assembly. 

7.  Every students should bring the school diary daily. It is compulsory to bring it on every parent teacher meeting. Any information or request conveyed to the parents/guardians through this diary by the principal teachers should be complied with and acknowledged.

8 . All the pupils must have the text books and stationery prescribed for their respective classes.   No books newspapers, periodicals etc. other than the school library books may be brought to the school.

9 . Students should at all time show respect to the school authorities and the teachers. They should be gentle and polite to their companions and others. Discourtesy in this matter will not be appreciated.

10.  No students shall be allowed to go out or to be taken out of the school compound without obtaining the ‘Out-pass’ from the principal. The out pass shall not be issued unless the principal is satisfied with the genuineness of the matter and the identity of accompanying person.

11.  Parents should see that their child come to the school after their daily needs. All the students must have their tiffin brought with them. No junk foods are allowed. No other lunch packets brought in between will not be allowed to reach the students on account of security reasons.

12.  Cleanliness of person and dress is expected of every students. The school uniform must be clean, without any type of decorations, well pressed and full. Students coming to the school with untidy dress, hair etc will be refused admission to the class. 

13. No spiky, punk or outlandish hair styles are allowed. Girl’s long hair is to be plaited well and tied with fawn white ruffles. Short hair girls have to use fawn/white hair bands. No fancy clips or ear tops is allowed. Fancy haircut is strictly prohibited for boys. Simple haircut is the student hair cut. Hence it is follow.

14 . Driving vehicles in the school uniform by the school children is strictly prohibited.

15 . Bringing of mobile phones and their operation in the school premises is totally banned. Violation of the ban is liable to disciplinary action.

16.  It is desirable to have the names marked on the bags or possessions of the students. No plastic bags and shoes are allowed.

17. All the students must be present on the first day when the school reopens.